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Refrigerant Choices for Chillers Remain Complex

ACHR News recently published an article exploring the regulatory landscape for refrigerants used in chillers made "...more complicated thanks to the court decision that declared the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not authorized to regulate HFC refrigerants under the Clean Air Act."

The article states that "...while most manufacturers still offer chillers that use R-134a and R-410A, they are beginning to utilize alternative refrigerants that will comply with these new laws... the search continues for solutions that not only have a low GWP but are efficient, safe, cost-effective, and nonflammable."

Among the contributors to the article is Gaurang Pandya, president of Global Equipment, Carrier Commercial HVAC who said "...it is important to keep in mind that new refrigerants are not necessarily better or worse than current refrigerants, ...some may be better for the environment, but not all — just as some may be more efficient, but not all. Just switching to a low-GWP refrigerant does not guarantee that a unit will be better environmentally,” Pandya added. “Each case needs to be analyzed to make the most sensible choice that factors in environmental impacts from a life cycle perspective.”

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