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  SEPTEMBER | 2018
A monthly roundup of emerging trends, events and innovation happening in and outside
the Ad Council.
Smartphones going away in 10 years
R.I.P. Smart Phones

Apparently, the smartphone is going away in the next 10 years, and we’ll be using a voiceprint to verify our identity. Wait, what? Yes! Amy Webb, a quantum futurist predicted that and other future media trends for 2019. We also could start 1-1 conversations with real journalists and pay them directly through chat platforms for timely, specific content. As we keep challenging fake news, we may start seeing more popup newsrooms, more transparency around their story origins, temporary podcasts to cover timely events and real-time fact-checking tools. Check out the rest of her 108 trend predictions on media, journalism, and technology.
Your New Virtual BFF

Did you know Lil Miquela, a computer-generated image (CGI) influencer was named one of TIME's top 25 most influential people of the internet in 2018 (along with Rihanna)? She’s a stylish 19-year-old model from Downey, California, who has 1.4M followers and enjoys skateboarding with her friends and visiting fashion shoots. And, oh, she’s also done partnerships with Prada and GIPHY. She was created by Brud, an LA-based startup that has already raised more than $6 million by creating a series of CGI influencers including Blawko (138K followers) and Bermuda (103K followers). As brands consider how to leverage CGI influencers, skeptical consumers are raising questions about transparency and ethics of using digital humans. Could this be the next long-form storytelling? Future for influencer marketing? Will relatability take a new form?
We just wrapped up our first Twitch Charity Stream for Seize the Awkward and have reached thousands of gamers with our campaign message while raising over $19K in 3 days. Broadcasters played video games across 9 different channels, encouraged their fans to start mental health conversations with their friends, and asked fans to donate funds to the campaign. We have never done this before, and it was definitely risky. We had no control over what the broadcasters would say or who would even sign up. We took a leap of faith on our riskiest assumption, that they would self-select based on having passion for the issue and actually use our talking points -- and it worked! The team learned a ton and will be sharing key takeaways both on AdLibbing and at an upcoming all-group meeting.
Ad Council Splashtalk | 10/23

What happened after the pitches? Five Ad Council Splashbox teams pitched their digital prototype ideas for the Teen Bullying Prevention campaign. What happened next? Come hear how the ideas were informed by real teens and check out the final prototype!
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