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  • Trend: Covid-19 Influenced Self Optimization
  • Trend: Climate Change Behaviors
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  • Tip of the month: Using Rose, Bud, Thorn

Covid-19 Influenced Self Optimization 

Trend insight by Cat Boyce

Prior to the pandemic, personal wellness was often seen through the lens of productivity. COVID-19 has shifted this mindset, resulting in people re-evaluating their relationship with work, prioritizing self-discovery and self-forgiveness and being open to alternative sources of authority or faith. Brands and campaigns that empower their consumers to reach their self-optimization goals and find new ways to redefine themselves while building community, authenticity, and trust, will be the innovators in their space. 


To dig Into COVID-19 behavior shifts, check out the Enlightenment Now video or read the full report

Climate  Change Behaviors

Trend insight by Eric Chuang

There are an increasing number of consumer and business behavioral changes happening because of climate change. A 2021 survey of 10,000 young people across ten countries found that 75% of respondents feel ‘the future is frightening’ and they believe governments have fallen short when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. As a result, we’ve seen new vocabulary like “eco anxiety”, “climate crisis” and “climate justice” emerge to accurately capture people’s perceptions of climate change. Tech giants like Twitter are also reacting to the crisis by integrating climate change facts and information within their platforms’ search engines, making it easier for users to be informed about the topic. With COP26 (United Nations Climate Change conference) happening right now, the issue of climate change will continue to remain top-of-mind among consumers and businesses who are committed to eco-activism.


Dig into our Box folder for more exclusive reports on Climate Change.

Trends & Coffee is Back!

Miss catching up on trends in 30 minutes and discussing them with your colleagues? Us too! That's why we are bringing Trends & Coffee back with some changes this season. The Spark trends team has partnered up with CANVAS8, a global consumer insights agency operating out of London, New York, and Los Angeles that provides trend research to some of the world’s leading brands, agencies, and organizations. We'll be leveraging their platform, in addition to other resources, to uncover trends and signals relevant to our work and share them at Trends & Coffee, in addition to this newsletter. 


Join us on 11/30 at 12:00 PM EST, where Anastasia and Cat will be sharing some recent trends! If you missed the calendar invite, reach out to Maya Warburg. 

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Tip of the month: Use Rose, Bud, Thorn to identify opportunities 

Enjoyed how the HR & DEI teams used Rose, Bud, Thorns to present themes at the Town Hall? We love it too, it's a tool many of us use to reflect on a project, identify what needs to be addressed, changed, what to keep doing and any new opportunities. Here's how you can use it on your teams and projects. 


Rose: small wins, something that's working well 

Bud: new ideas, potential areas to invest more

Thorn: painpoint, challenge, what's not working

  • Gather a group of diverse perspectives that worked on a project, has knowledge on the topic or has reviewed the same sets of research. 
  • Define the topic or project & definitions of rose, bud, thorn.
  • Instruct everyone to generate as many roses, buds, and thorns in silence.
  • Take turns to share and discuss themes.
  • Options of how to share: go through everyone's roses then buds and then thorns, or each person shares a few of each at a time.
  • Before parting ways, identify next steps on what to keep doing, prioritize new opportunities/areas of improvement and things to change.

PS. I (Ariba) am going on mat leave, so "spark notes" newsletter will be back in March 2022. Have an amazing holiday and new year! 

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