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Carrier OptiClean™ Air Scrubbers Deliver HEPA Filtration, Improved Air Quality and Peace of Mind to School District Classrooms
Of the myriad challenges facing the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) to re-open their 72 school and five administrative sites in the new world affected by COVID-19, none were more important than delivering a high degree of indoor air quality (IAQ) and promoting a healthier and safer environment for each student, faculty and staff member who would be entering each building and space. This meant, amongst other filtration requirements and overall safety protocols, efficiently mitigating airborne particles by increasing air changes per hour in each occupied space. Additionally, as school opening deadlines were fast approaching, the final proposed equipment strategy would need to be manufactured, certified and delivered on time.

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New Research Shows Building Strategies Can Reduce Risk of Airborne Transmission of Pathogens by up to 80%
Syracuse University is showing the effectiveness of building systems to mitigate airborne transmission of pathogens in buildings, Carrier Global Corporation and Syracuse University have co-developed an assessment tool that can evaluate buildings for airborne pathogen transmission risk and provide custom strategies to help ensure healthier and safer environments for building occupants.

The research with Syracuse University's College of Engineering and Computer Science assessed how effective different mitigation strategies are in reducing the risk of transmission airborne pathogens in buildings. Specifically, the study evaluated individual components in buildings and how they work together. Results showed that customized, layered mitigation strategies can reduce the risk of airborne transmission of pathogens by up to 80%. Tactics such as managed occupancy, increased filtration and ventilation, air scrubbers and air purifiers can help to create healthier and safer indoor environments. Primary support for the study came from Carrier.
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Get Pre-Configured REVIT® Family Files for Your Projects
Carrier provides the 3D modeling components architects, structural engineers, M/E/P engineers, designers and contractors need to get the job done right.

Carrier also has the ability to generate REVIT files to match the exact size and configuration of the unit specified for your 3D building model. Carrier can quickly create REVIT files for most rooftops, splits, and packaged chillers to save you time and effort. Contact your local Carrier expert for more information.

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